Sewing Tips and Projects

This web page provides links to free sewing patterns, instructions for a variety of sewing projects, and tips, articles, and videos for learning how to sew. The lessons and projects include sewing a button, creating a hem, reading a sewing pattern, working with an iron and a sewing machine, learning about notions and fabrics, and making items such as hats, napkins, purses, scarves, pillows, sachets, and stuffed animals.

The Spruce – Needle Crafts

Extensive collection of tips, tutorials, and free patterns for sewing, knitting, embroidery, crochet, needlepoint, quilting, and cross stitch. The projects include soft toys, ornaments, doll clothes, hats and sweaters for all ages, and clothes, accessories, and blankets for babies and children.

Sewing Support

Over 4500 free patterns for sewing projects, many of which have printable templates. They are organized into 9 categories, which include bags of all types and sizes, clothing for all ages, items for babies and pets, holiday decorations, quilt patterns, home accessories, and covers for books and electronic devices. This site also provides basic sewing lessons, and articles on sewing machines, fabric, tools, notions, and techniques.