Hand Puppet Patterns

Links to websites with instructions and patterns for making hand puppets, such as bunnies, bears, farm animals, woodland animals, and holiday-themed puppets. One of the sites also describes how to make a puppet stage using a doorway. Most of the puppets can be made with pieces of felt that are either hand-stitched or glued.

Finger Puppet Patterns

Printable templates to create your own finger puppet show, including a puppet stage, a stand to hold the finger puppets while they wait backstage, clothes for costumes, and templates for people, animals, holiday themes, and more. The puppets can be made with paper, felt, or any other material. Also freely available is finger puppet software, which can be used to create your own finger puppet templates for printing.

51 Variety Puppet Patterns

A list of 51 links to web pages that provide puppet-making instructions. The variety of puppets that can be made include sock puppets, finger puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets, hand puppets, and stick puppets. Some of the creative ideas for materials are cardboard tubes, plastic eggs, clothes pins, popsicle sticks, spoons, bags, origami paper, cans, pipe cleaners, string, and felt. There are also printable templates that require paper, a printer, scissors, glue or tape, and coloring supplies.