Puzzles to Print

Hundreds of free, printable puzzles, including mazes, crosswords, fill-ins, cryptoquotes, cryptograms, word scrambles, word searches, number puzzles, and holiday-themed puzzles.

Krazy Dad Printable Puzzles

This site has a very large selection of printable mazes that are categorized as easy, intermediate, challenging, tough, and super tough. It also has a ‘Kindom of Mazes’ booklet that tells a story as you work through the maze. You can also discover plenty of logic puzzles for all ages, such as printable board games for solitaire battleships, suduko variants, kakuro, and spatial reasoning puzzles.

Clue Search Puzzles

Over 700 clue search puzzles, which are a combination of a crossword, word search, and hidden message puzzle. They are organized into 24 categories, such as languages, animals, nature, arts and literature, music, world studies, games and hobbies, food, transportation, and movies.

Livewire Puzzles

Hundreds of word search puzzles, including large-print grids with about 23 words, regular-print grids with about 40 words plus hidden messages, and small-size grids with less than 20 words. This site also has print-cut-solve puzzles, antique puzzle cards, and a large selection of printable suduko puzzles that are organized according to easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels.

Puzzle Choice

Huge collection of variety puzzles, including crosswords, word search, number puzzles, word play, logic puzzles, and quizzes. The crossword puzzles are categorized into 26 types of crosswords, such as codewords, diagramless, cryptic, criss-cross, mini, giant, and themed. It also has a separate section for children that includes all kinds of word and number puzzles, logic puzzles, animal rhymes, and educational puzzles.

The Teacher’s Corner

Since 1998, this website has provided free, printable worksheets, lesson plans, and other resources. The worksheets cover topics such as math, reading, writing, telling time, and counting money. There are also tools to create your own crossword puzzles, word searches, word scrambles, fill-in-the-blank and match-up puzzles, riddles, and mazes, many of which can be customized for size, color, images, font style, and language.