Origami Fun

Printable instructions for origami projects, many of them accompanied by video tutorials, photos, paper suggestions, and a difficulty rating. The projects include animals, stars, flowers, toys, hats, boxes, and holiday decorations. This site also provides articles, folding tips, sources for origami paper, and a section for children.

Origami Instructions

This site gives instructions for folding 6-inch by 6-inch pieces of paper into objects such as boats, houses, stars, hearts, animals, flowers, airplanes, geometric shapes, and holiday decorations. It also includes origami techniques, basic folds, modular origami, and kirigami.

Origami Resource Center

This extensive website provides links to origami instructions for ornaments, books, trees, wreaths, calendars, birds, hearts, stars, boxes, airplanes, flowers, butterflies, fish, dinosaurs, spaceships, envelopes, geometric shapes, and bookmarks. Also included is a section for learning about diagram symbols, paper divisions, and basic folds. There are also origami and kirigami projects for kids, a page on the history of origami, and information about related arts, such as quilling, iris folding, origamic architecture, pop-up cards, and folding napkins, towels, fabric, and tea bags.

Origami Spirit

Hundreds of video tutorials for making origami boxes, animals, hearts, flowers, fruit, geometric shapes, action models, toys, holiday decorations, houses, and boats. The web page for each video also provides suggestions for the type of paper, tips for folding, or creative ideas for using or enhancing the origami shape. There are tutorials for beginner, intermediate, and advanced origami projects.