The Postman’s Knock

This blog page has a list of free downloads to learn about modern calligraphy, including standard calligraphy worksheets in five styles, a “flourish by number” lettering exercise that creates the shape of a bunny, a worksheet with 10 rows of fun and challenging calligraphy drills, a sheet of 11 calming calligraphy strokes, a worksheet to practice spacing between letters, and brush pen worksheets.

Lettering Resources

Free downloads from Tombow® USA that include a lettering guide, lettering practice worksheets, and step-by-step instructions for embellished lettering. Also available are videos to learn about lettering in a journal, adding confetti to lettering, and using brush pens.

Dawn Nicole – Lettering Practice

A list of free, downloadable practice worksheets and ebooks to learn the art of lettering, including worksheets to learn basic strokes using large and small brush pens, practice sheets to learn 9 styles of lettering, and worksheets for brush lettering, flourishing, tricky letter combinations, letters that go off the page, and double letters.