How to Draw and Paint

Free, step-by-step basic lessons for drawing with graphite and colored pencils, and painting with acrylics, oils, pastels, and watercolors.

How To Draw Cartoon Images

This comprehensive site offers drawing lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels in categories such as animals, vehicles, holidays, fruit, landscapes, flowers, people, sports, trees, clothing, and much more.

Drawing and Painting Lessons

Fundamental lessons in drawing and painting, including exercises, lecture notes, and visual examples. They cover topics such as contours, perspective, shapes, negative space, color theory, brush techniques, tinting, shading, toning, and composition.

Kinder Art

This website began in 1997 and it now offers thousands of free, art lesson plans for children and adults, which can be browsed by school grade or age, and by art medium or technique. In addition to painting, drawing, architecture, and art history, there are also lessons on sculpture, collage, multicultural art, printmaking, musical instrument crafts, drama exercises, textile and fabric activities, and arts and crafts for holidays and seasons.

Adventure in a Box

The printable activities on this site include ‘art prompts’, which provide examples, incomplete scenes, or half-drawn pictures that can be copied or finished using drawing tools or paint. It also has unique, printable craft projects.