Creative Park

Free, printable craft projects from Canon® that include greeting cards, stationery, paper crafts, 3D mosaics, calendars, and scrapbook kits. There are downloadable templates and instructions for building animals, toy figures, moving toys, aerial and land vehicles, buildings and monuments from around the world, musical instruments, ships, masks, flags, plants, scientific models, puzzles, games, and much more.

Activity Village

Crafts on this site are organized by holiday, season, A to Z topic, and type of activity or material, such as beads, felt, foam, paper, or clay. Each craft page may include a list of what items are needed, instructions, images, and printable templates.

Kid Activities

This site provides thousands of ideas for teachers, childcare professionals, parents, grandparents, and anyone who wants to help engage those around them in fun and educational activities. The arts and crafts pages give a list of materials, thorough guidelines, images, and tips.

DLTK’s Crafts for Kids

This website, which began in 1998, has a large variety of printable crafts and construction projects that cover fun and educational themes, such as holidays, animals, countries and culture, music, safety, community, sports, weather, and learning the alphabet, numbers, and shapes.

The Toymaker

Free, printable, pdf templates for making toys using just paper, scissors, and glue or tape. They are organized into categories such as animal and bug friends, fairies and magic, toys that move, fun and whimsy toys, gifts and boxes, and math and learning toys. Most of them are in color, but there are also many available in black-and-white.

First Palette

Hundreds of free craft ideas, art activities, and printables that can be searched alphabetically or by theme, season, occasion, or age. The craft pages give a list of materials, safety tips, step-by-step illustrated instructions, and links to related crafts. The printables have their own section, and they include masks, puppets, dioramas, hats, toys, greeting cards, envelopes, headbands, decorations, wands, and baskets. This site also has craft recipes for making paint, dough, paste, and glue, as well as tips for craft solutions, such as how to dye cotton, paint with glitter, make yarn hair, blow out an egg, curl ribbons, and mix Plaster of Paris.