Adult Coloring Pages

Coloring Book Addict

Hundreds of free coloring pages for all ages, including samples from well-known artists and publishers of adult coloring books, such as Johanna Basford, Kerby Rosanes, Millie Marotta, and Dover Publications®. This site also has video tutorials on using colored pencils for shading, layering, and blending.

Coloring Pages For Adults

Despite the name, this website has coloring pages showing basic images, detailed pictures, as well as intricate scenes, so there is something for everyone. The categories include all kinds of animals, birds, castles, flags, landscapes, modern art, noblewomen, places around the world, vehicles, buildings, sports, seasons, holidays, ships, elves, fashion, and famous paintings. This site also provides tutorials about coloring, such as shading and blending.

Just Color

Over 1300 free, adult coloring pages in more than 50 categories, such as landscapes, forests, animals, flowers, water worlds, buildings, doodle art, zentangle, mandalas, quotes, butterflies, cities and countries, sports, art deco, art nouveau, fashion, stained glass, fairy tales, myths and legends, historical periods, and holidays.


Coloring Pages for Children

Coloring Book Fun

Over 10,000 free, printable coloring pages of varying complexity, which are organized into categories such as holidays, people and community, nature and seasons, food, education, and animals.

Doodle Art Alley

Over 1,000 free, printable coloring pages, many of which have fine details. Also available to download are activity books, coloring storybooks, doodling sheets, and coloring pages that have bloopers or hidden objects.

Color Mountain

Extensive site with free coloring pages in categories such as animals, fairy tales, sports, holidays, nature, learning numbers and letters, food, and transportation, all of which are further organized into subcategories. Each coloring page is available to print in full size, or printed as part of a greeting card, word search puzzle, placemat, drawing grid, math puzzle, and much more. It also includes dot-to-dot and maze coloring pages.


This site has about 15,000 coloring pages, which are classified into 47 themes that are common in primary schools, including geography, environment, buildings, holidays, plants, animals, history, emotions, seasons, and music. Also available are colorful images and photos that could be used as clip art, and about 1700 printable crafts, games, and activity ideas in 37 categories.

Twisty Noodle

Thousands of free coloring pages and mini coloring books that are also worksheets for learning about certain themes or objects, such as animals, buildings, colors, food, holidays, letters, months, nature, music, shapes, numbers, sports, and transportation. The pages and books can be customized by adding your own words and selecting a template layout and font style. You can also make your own coloring activity book by filling blank pages with styled text and black-and-white images.

Super Coloring

This site of about 45,000 free activities includes coloring books, coloring pages, drawing tutorials, puzzle games, color-by-number pictures, dot-to-dot worksheets, and paper crafts. The coloring and dot-to-dot pages can be colored online or printed. The puzzles and crafts include paper toys, origami, scrapbooking, matching puzzles, tangrams, paper snowflakes, hidden object puzzles, and mazes.