It is too hot for comfort, and Badger suggests she and Fox go down to the pool in the river where Otter is giving swimming lessons. On their way, they meet Squirrel and her nephew, Beechnut. No sooner do they get to the river than Beechnut runs off and climbs out on a branch above a roaring waterfall. The branch snaps but doesn’t break off. Beechnut is terrified as the branch sways precariously above the falls. Badger comes up with a plan to save him.


“Everything was now all set for the daring rescue. Badger took one corner of the blanket, Otter another, Fox a third, and Rabbit a fourth. Then they spread out the corners of the blanket as far as they could. It was an inspiring sight! Between the rushing water and the terrified little squirrel stretched a big safety net. The only question was – would Beechnut use it?”






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