Fox announces she has “a great idea”: they should have a talent show to feature her many talents. Badger likes the idea of a show but wants it open to everyone. Fox agrees if she can go first. The idea catches on, and many animals want to participate. Badger organizes the event, including the building of a stage and the making of a banner. The turnout is terrific, but just as the show is about to begin, a major thunderstorm arrives. Fox is unfazed and helps everyone reorient on another “great idea.”


“Then, just as Badger stepped onto the stage wearing Rabbit’s uncle’s top hat, the sky again grew darker. ‘Welcome! Welcome to the big talent show,’ Badger beamed. Everyone sitting around the stage on the grass and in the trees cheered. Badger was just about to say something else when suddenly they all heard a long roll of thunder – and it did not seem that far away.”






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