One day Badger and Fox come home to find that Badger’s great aunt has sent both of them a present: a pair of almost matching party dresses – the frilliest dresses either has ever seen. Since Badger always wears jeans and Fox sweats, they’re not exactly sure what to do with the new dresses and decide to ask their friends for ideas. When Rabbit suggests they ask Skunk since she already has such a dress, they get a response neither could ever have predicted.


“Badger laid the dresses on the kitchen table side by side. ‘They look a little like cotton candy,’ she marveled.

‘Too bad we can’t eat them!’ Fox remarked.

‘But what can we do with them?’ Badger asked, turning to Fox. ‘When would we ever wear them?’

‘You’re asking me?’ Fox shook her head. ‘I wear only sweats and T-shirts.'”






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