Badger and Fox want to give Rabbit a very special birthday present, and when Fox mentions she has found an extremely early patch of strawberries, they decide on a strawberry shortcake plus a surprise party. Fox has a hard time keeping the party a secret but another problem is that, at the last minute, Rabbit wants to postpone the picnic that was meant to get him to the party. Fox sets off to trick him into coming anyway while Badger puts the final touches on the planned celebration.


“It was now the morning of Rabbit’s surprise party. Sometime after breakfast, Badger opened the door to see what the weather was like. It was a beautiful spring day, but just as she thought to herself ‘what a great day for a party,’ she saw a folded piece of paper on the ground. ‘Now what can that be?’ she said, bending to pick it up. ‘Oh, no,’ she cried as she read it. ‘Fox, Fox,’ she called in alarm. ‘Look what I just found outside our door.'”






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