The weather is warming, and Badger and Fox decide it’s time for an adventure. After climbing the big hill beyond the river, they discover a cave and a rat named Packer who has built his house there. In exchange for a chocolate-scented piece of tinfoil, Packer shows them a shortcut – a pitch-black tunnel that runs under the hill and back to the river. It takes courage to take this shortcut home!


“Down, down, down they stumbled and staggered and slipped, following the tunnel now to the left, now to the right, now to the right, now to the left.

‘Packer,’ Badger asked softly, ‘are you sure this is the way?’ ‘Packer,’ Fox whispered, ‘this is a very long shortcut.’

But Packer’s voice remained steady: ‘Just a little further. – Don’t worry.’ Finally, far up ahead, they saw a small circle of light.”






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