Despite the cold, a big snowfall sends Badger and Fox running for their snowsuits. Soon they discover, not far from their den, a spectacular snow bank. With the help of Raccoon, Otter, and Squirrel, they turn the snow bank into a snow house. But what next? Squirrel suggests they can turn the snow house into a food bank for birds struggling to find enough to eat. The entire forest community pitches in.


“Finally the snow house was finished, and they all crawled inside. ‘Wow,’ whispered Otter, ‘What a cool place!’ Although the walls were strong, they were thin enough to let light pass through, and the air was a magical blue. It felt wonderfully strange and so peaceful, for a while everyone just sat there in silence.

Then, as they began to feel the cold creeping up around them, Fox asked, ‘Now that we have a snow house, what do we do next?'”






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