There’s a new animal in the forest, Tammy, a Tamarind monkey, and Badger and Fox succeed in making friends with her. Soon they learn her sad story – how her tropical forest was being destroyed, how she was captured and taken to a zoo, how she escaped and tried to find her way home. Badger and Fox invite her to stay with them for the winter and to help her find a place in the spring. Tammy’s fate reminds Badger and Fox just how lucky they are to have each other and their community of friends.


“Badger and Fox had never heard a story like this before. ‘That’s a very sad story,’ Badger sighed.

‘I don’t know any place around here where it never gets cold,’ Fox added. ‘How long is it since you escaped?’

‘About a week,’ Tammy replied. ‘But nothing has changed much. I mean even after a week I still can’t find a forest like mine.'”






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