It is the final fall meeting of the Friends’ Club, and some of the friends are already on the verge of falling asleep for the winter. Together they revisit a few of the year’s adventures while Woodchuck passes out apples and Fox announces a special song she’s made for the occasion. She calls it “The Goodnight March,” and everyone loves it. Then Bear tells a bedtime story that puts Woodchuck right to sleep. After carrying Woodchuck home and tucking him into bed, the friends wrap up their year together, and Fox promises another song in the spring.


“By this point Bear’s favorite story was making everyone drowsy. Indeed, in the silence that followed, they heard a muffled ‘snuffle-snuffle-snort!’ and turned to find Woodchuck already fast asleep! Raccoon tried to wake him up by whispering ‘Woodchuck, it’s time to go home,’ and giving him a gentle shake, but Woodchuck was so fast asleep, he only went ‘snuffle-snuffle-snort’ again and rolled over.”






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