For weeks Badger has been reading a book about a group of animals that live by a river and have lots of adventures. One of them is a crazy toad who lives in an enormous house. Badger questions whether such a house exists, and Fox suggests they go look for it. After all, there’s a river running through their forest, and it just might be the same river. With the help of the Porcupine Twins, they build a raft and set off on an adventure full of unexpected, even dangerous turns.


“For most of the day the four friends saw only forests and fields. Here and there they saw cows and sheep in the fields and a house or two in the distance, but none close to the river. However, towards late afternoon, as they glided around a big bend, they spied up ahead what looked like a small town. ‘Does your book say anything about a town?’ Fox asked. Badger shook her head no and looked both curious and worried. None of the animals had ever seen a real town before.”






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