It is too cold to play outside and Fox is bored. Badger agrees to help her friend make their big animal puzzle only to discover that a piece of the puzzle is missing. Badger decides they have to find the missing piece, but in the course of doing so they also find plenty of ways to amuse themselves. In fact, Fox has so much fun, she can’t wait for another such day tomorrow.


“‘Fox,’ said Badger, ‘give me my book or I’m going to tickle you!’

‘No!’ Fox shrieked as Badger pounced on her and began to tickle her.

But Badger wouldn’t stop, so Fox dropped the book and began to tickle Badger.

‘No you don’t!’ shouted Badger and hit Fox with a pillow.

‘Aha!’ Fox shouted back, ‘a pillow fight! Remember, you started it!’ and she grabbed a pillow of her own and started hitting Badger.”






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