Badger and Fox learn that Beaver and a pair of robins are having an argument, so they go to find out what’s up. What they find is that the pair is trying to prevent him from cutting down a tree he needs to fix his dam. They also learn why saving this particular tree is so important to the birds and why fixing the dam – and the pond it creates – should be important to everyone. A solution seems impossible until Badger comes up with a plan that allows everyone to get what they need.


“‘You’re sure you need this particular tree?’ Squirrel asked Beaver.

‘I need a birch, a big birch,’ Beaver insisted, ‘and I don’t see any others in the neighborhood.’

‘Maybe there’s another deeper in the woods?’ Badger suggested.

‘Maybe,’ Beaver conceded, ‘but it would take some time for me to find it, cut it up, and drag it here. The dam could give way any time now.’

Badger thought for a moment. ‘No problem!’ she suddenly announced, and the others all looked at her in amazement.”






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