When Skunk invites Badger and Fox to a fancy-dress lunch party, Fox is torn. She hates to wear a fancy party dress, but she hates even more to miss out on the “special treats” Skunk mentions. When she decides in favor of the treats, it seems she has made the wrong choice. Skunk’s sense of “special treats” turns out to be very different from her own. In the end, however, the event takes an unexpected turn – and everyone winds up happy.


“‘Ta-ta!’ she announced as she lay the tray down on the table, ‘chilled spinach soup – I do hope you like it.’

Fox’s grin vanished. She took the little spoon Skunk gave her and looked at it as though it were a riddle. Only after Badger had complimented Skunk on the soup, did Fox manage to flash a faint smile.”






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