At the first spring meeting of the Friends’ Club, Rabbit is missing. Raccoon reports she ran into him yesterday, and he told her he was going to see a circus. Badger is alarmed and organizes a search party. She, Fox, Raccoon, and Snake locate the circus and look for Rabbit. To their relief, they find him. To their dismay, he’s trapped in a cage. Everyone is going to have to do his or her part for him to escape.


“Hearing his name, Rabbit pushed his head up through the straw. ‘Raccoon, Fox, Badger – Snake – is it really you? Oh, I can’t believe it.’ And his nose began to twitch and his eyes filled with tears.

‘Rabbit, Rabbit!’ Badger reassured him, ‘don’t worry, don’t worry. It is us. We’ve come to bring you home,'”






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