Why has Packer, a rat Badger and Fox met a year ago, gone to so much trouble to visit them with their den buried deep in snow? Packer, it seems, has not forgotten that Badger promised to give him some shiny buttons the next time they met. However, Fox hasn’t forgotten Packer’s promise to show them some exciting underground shortcuts in return. Packer agrees, but first offers to show them something even better. What will they find when they put on their snowsuits and follow him home?


“‘Finally’, Packer said, ‘Sure, when the snow melts, I can show you lots of shortcuts. But if you want, I can show you something even better right now.’

‘What is it?’ Badger and Fox shouted at the same time.

‘Let’s just call it a surprise,’ Packer grinned. ‘But are you willing to take the old shortcut back to my place so I can show you?’

‘You bet!’ they cried.”






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