When Badger and Fox go sledding on the highest hill around, Otter shows up to tell them there’s even better sledding at the Beaver pond – all they need are sturdy umbrellas. After Otter teaches them, along with some other friends, how to turn their sleds into ice boats, Fox imagines she can go one better by using a beach umbrella. But a fierce wind blows the umbrella away – and takes Badger with it. Thus begins Badger’s unforgettable ride high over the winter forest.


“‘Let go, Badger, let go,’ Fox shouted, but Badger couldn’t hear her. Higher and higher the wind lifted the umbrella with Badger dangling below it like the tail of a kite. By now all the other animals had heard the shouting and realized what had happened.

‘We’ve got to save her,’ Squirrel cried, racing in the direction the umbrella was being blown. It had now reached the edge of the pond and was just high enough to clear the trees.






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