Fox has made from scratch an alligator puppet and is so pleased with it she makes up an alligator song. Then she pretends her new puppet thinks Badger might be a tasty snack. Badger tries to distract Fox by suggesting they make a puppet stage. Fox agrees and they set about trying to turn the kitchen table into a stage. Unfortunately, when Fox improvises a stage curtain, she manages to pull down a shelf loaded with dried pasta and rice. Unfazed, Fox simply adds another stanza to her alligator song.


“‘No!’ Badger shrieked. ‘You can’t take a bite. No biting allowed!’ ‘Grrrr, grrrr, snap, snap!’ the alligator said, crawling closer and closer.

‘Not fair!’ Badger protested, ‘Two against one.’

Fox threw the lion puppet off to the side and grinned, ‘Now Alligator won’t have to share her snack!’

‘”Snack” – that’s a good idea,’ Badger said, trying to distract Fox. ‘Let’s go see what’s in the fridge.’

‘Snack, snack, snap!’ Alligator crawled closer and closer.”






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