It is now a year since Badger and Fox moved back in together. One evening, Badger gives Fox a big pan of triple chocolate fudge brownies to celebrate. Fox suggests they share some of them with their other friends as well, and the two make little foil-wrapped presents to leave secretly outside their friends’ doors. On their way home they come across a meadow where they get to witness a spectacular meteor shower. What a beautiful way to celebrate a year of friendships!


“All at once, Badger grabbed Fox’s arm. ‘Look!’ she cried, ‘a shooting star…and, look, there’s another – and another!’

‘Where?’ Fox asked, then quickly answered her own question, ‘Oh, over there and there and there…’ And indeed the sky was now teeming with streaks of light. Four, five, six at a time – they tore across the starry night like slits cut in the darkness. For perhaps ten minutes shooting stars filled the sky from horizon to horizon – and then they were gone.”






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