Badger and Fox come across what may be very large paw prints and decide to investigate. Otter and Raccoon report hearing strange noises, and Woodchuck finds his door wrenched from its frame. Then out of the woods steps a bear who claims the forest is now his because he’s the biggest and the strongest. Skillfully Badger, Fox, and their friends convince him there’s another, better way to make himself a home among them.


“The bear seemed as startled by the smaller animals as they were by it. It stopped and took a little step backwards. ‘Hi,’ called Fox, the first one to find a voice, ‘You must be new here. Welcome to our forest.’

The bear wasn’t that big – as bears go – but it wasn’t that small either.

‘Welcome to your forest?’ the bear growled but still looked a bit confused. ‘What do you mean your forest?’ he growled again. ‘I’m the biggest and the strongest, so it’s my forest,’ and he growled a third time.”






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