It’s again time for Raccoon’s big Pumpkin Party, and this year there will be a prize for the scariest pumpkin. But not everyone is as excited as Badger and Fox are. In fact, Mouse doesn’t even want to go because she thinks she’s too small to have an interesting costume. Badger and Fox help her make one, and Mouse turns out to be one of the party’s stars.


“‘By the way,’ Badger asked, ‘what are you going to wear to the party?’

‘Oh, I’m not going,’ Mouse said with a little shrug. ‘I mean what can a mouse go as? I’m so small I wouldn’t be much of a hero or a monster or anything else. Everyone would just laugh.’

‘No, they wouldn’t,’ Badger assured her. ‘It doesn’t make any difference how big you are. You just have to decide what you’d most like to be and then be it! We could even help you make a costume.'”






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