Woodchuck stumbles upon a large, dry cave and decides it would be the perfect meeting place for a special club. Badger, Fox, and Rabbit agree, but the group has to struggle a bit with the difference between being special and needlessly excluding whoever wants to join. Their arrangement is tested, and the club emerges stronger for the experience.


“‘Can we make it a clubhouse?’ Fox asked.

‘Not just a clubhouse,’ Woodchuck smiled, ‘a very special clubhouse. You know, the kind you get invited to join.’

‘Who would do the inviting,’ Badger asked, suddenly a little uneasy.

‘We would,’ Woodchuck said, smiling again. – ‘I thought we could call it ‘The Den Club’ because so many of our friends live in dens.’

‘But,’ Fox pointed out, ‘we also have friends who don’t live in dens.'”






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