Sproodle Doodle Books currently features print and audio books by Edward Zlotkowski and Ellen Wolfe, plus
links to free resources. For years we have envisioned the creation of a set of stories that combined the art of traditional story-telling with characters whose values and actions reflect an inclusive, caring society.

We believe the foundations of a genuinely inclusive democratic society lie in the stories our children hear, read,
and use to shape their lives. Our goal is to write stories that spark children’s imaginations and sense of delight
while encouraging empathy, generosity, and cooperation. We therefore emphasize creative problem solving as
well as cultural diversity and gender equality.



Edward Zlotkowski has a PhD in Comparative Literature and has long had a special interest in children’s literature.
He works with several organizations that provide educational opportunities for underserved children. He is also lucky
enough to be the grandfather of two avid young readers. He and his wife, Ellen, divide their time between Somerville
and West Tisbury, MA.


Ellen Wolfe received her Master of Arts in Teaching at Wesleyan University and some years later studied writing
with the poets Mark Strand and Derek Walcott. In 1995 her artistic interests led her to open Once In A Blue Moon,
a clothing, jewelry, art, and contemporary crafts gallery on Martha’s Vineyard, where she lives part of the year with
her husband, Edward.




Anne Le Guern was born and bred in Paris, France. Following her early childhood dream to draw every day, she became an artist; studying in Florence, Paris, and New York. Her work combines whimsy with simple lines, resulting
in unexpectedly wry and sophisticated illustrations. She now lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Abe, two feisty
sons, Luca and Morgan, and dog, Marlo.