What Jill Did While Jack Climbed the Beanstalk

When Jill receives some magic beans of her own, she reaps, not an enormous bean stalk, but an enormous
field of bean plants. Suddenly, the family no longer has to worry about having enough to eat. Indeed, they
now have more than enough food to share with their friends and neighbors. But before they can do so, Jill
must find a way to deal with two older girls who see in her good fortune only an easy way to make a fortune of
their own. Thanks to some help from a clever mouse, and her own courage and determination, Jill succeeds in
meeting a challenge as daunting as that of her brother, Jack.


Badger and Fox – Stories About Friendship

A set of 25 independent but related stories that explore the adventures of a female badger and a female fox
who share a den despite their very different personalities. Each story explores another dimension of friendship
through the activities of the two main characters and their animal friends. While the stories avoid all overt
didacticism, the characters model non-sexist attitudes and community-oriented values. The set is especially
appropriate for children 5-7, but early-middle readers will also find it enjoyable.


Blue In Your Hair, Green On Your Chair

A story about a little girl who wants to make a birthday present for her father and in the process discovers her delight in and talent for making art. Ruby’s dad has been taking her to museums her whole young life. She has absorbed his explanations and much of what she has seen there and is able to translate her knowledge into joyful doing.



We need one or more illustrators for our completed stories, including Babette the Pink Back Hoe, Chicken and Fish but No Pork, The Giftbox, The Skytree, and The Stuckstone. Please contact us if you are interested!




The Stuckstone


The Giftbox